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    F.O.R.M transportieren den einst typischen Schweizer 80er-Rocksound mit einer bemerkenswerten Produktion gekonnt in die Gegenwart!

    Punkte: 8 von 10

    Metal Factory
  • F.O.R.M. steht für fucking ordinary rock'n'roll music & die guys von @FORMRock sind HOT TODAY auf mx3!


DiscographyLatest Albums

  • album-dynamite
    Dynamite Number of tracks : 9

    Album Name: Dynamite

    Composer: F.O.R.M

    Release Date: 2015/02/15

    Genre: Rock

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    Produced by: Oli Moser & Fitli Lenherr © 2015
    Recorded by: Oli Moser @ Printerhouse Studios, Muttenz, CH
    Mixed by: V.O. Pulver @ Little Creek Studios, Gelterkinden, CH
    Except «American Hero»
    Mixed by: Jeffro Lackscheide @ JeffroMixesYou, Chicago, IL


    1. Dynamite 00:03:45

    2. Dreamer 00:04:07

    3. Heather Victoria Ray 00:05:17

    4. Freedom 00:05:23

    5. Lonesome Rider 00:04:57

    6. Rich Man 00:03:20

    7. Roll the Ball 00:03:49

    8. American Hero 00:04:52

    9. Snakebite 00:04:07

The BandMembers

  • oli

    Oli Moser

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Oliver MoserNick Name: OliOccupation: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

    Best Known For

    His burning strings - The technology freak - Master of BBQ


    Oli try to play on: Nik Huber, Hamer, Maybach, Gibson and Mérida Guitars, Kemper Profiling Amp, Marshall Poweramps & Cabs, Morley Wah, Elixir Strings, Chef Centre T36 Twingrill


    Michi Hartmann

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Michi HartmannNick Name: HarryOccupation: Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

    Best Known For

    His virtuoso playing - His funny chaos - Mr. Cool


    Michi abused: Squire and Ibanez Basses, Tanglewood and Washburn Guitars, Peavey Amps


    Roman Zaugg

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Roman ZauggNick Name: Nickname? What for.Occupation: Guitars

    Best Known For

    Loud guitars – Loud bikes – Loud cars – Loud italianità


    Roman loves: American fiddels and British amps – The yin and yang of rock’n’roll.

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